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Seed of Chucky
2004 - R - 87 Mins.
Director: Don Mancini
Producer: David Kirschner
Written By: Don Mancini
Starring: Jennifer Tilly, Brad Dourif, Billy Boyd, John Waters, Redman, Hannah Spearitt
Review by: Joe Rickey
Official Site:

Here's Chucky!
England: A sexually conflicted doll (Voice of Billy Boyd) is sitting in a cage after a ventriloquist performance at a dreadfully inept excuse for a carnival when he sees two dolls (Chucky and Tiffany) along with Jennifer Tilly (yes, she is playing herself along with voicing Tiffany) discussing a new film titled aptly enough "Chucky Goes Psycho." Our sexually conflicted doll believes them to be his parents because they too have the phrase "Made in China" engraved on their forearm. In a fit of desperation, he breaks out of the cage he was being kept in, hitches a ride on the back of a truck, and somehow gets to Hollywood from England (an explanation is never given as to exactly how he accomplished this since the last I checked you cannot get from England to Hollywood driving).

Once the doll arrives in Hollywood he stumbles upon the Chucky (voiced once again by Brad Dourif) and Tiffany dolls and, utilizing a few phrases Chucky conveniently had on him, resurrects the two murder-inclined pieces of plastic. Once awake, Chucky and Tiffany try to cope with the fact that they now may have a child, of what gender they cannot decide so Chucky calls it "Glen" while Tiffany goes with "Glenda", a none too subtle aside at the campy Ed Wood film. Armed with a new cohort, Chucky tries to school "Glen" in the family business of murder while Tiffany tries in vain to call a 12-step hotline in hopes of putting a stop to murderous intentions inherent within her. Meanwhile, Jennifer Tilly is about to try out for the part of Virgin Mary in a film to be directed by Redman (also playing himself), hoping to secure the part by having sex with the rapper turned director (oh, the irony). Pretty soon the two plotlines converge as Chucky and Tiffany attempt to impregnate Tilly and then find human bodies to possess.

Believing itself to be far more clever than it actually is, 'Seed of Chucky' is instead a barrage of mostly stale jokes; containing only the occasional nod towards the more horror inclined prior films in the series that started as 'Child's Play' back in 1988 and now is in its fifth (and likely final) itineration. Longtime screenwriter Don Mancini, responsible for writing every Chucky film thus far, gets his first chance at directing with this film and though he really doesn't commit any gaping mistakes, is hampered by his own lackluster script and a tendency to play it safe as a director, keeping the film feeling like an especially gory TV movie. The film's plot is rather tired, even for the fourth sequel in an already dated franchise, after the 'Scream' trilogy of films there was no need (or demand, based on this film's paltry performance at the box office) for yet another self-aware slasher film. The dialogue too is rather pathetic in its desperate attempts at Hollywood satire. Only the game Jennifer Tilly is able to garner a few scant laughs from the countless attempts at humor. The rest of the cast seems lost, including schlock director John Waters hamming it up as relentless paparazzi.

Neither scary nor funny, 'Seed of Chucky' is to be avoided by everyone except die-hard fans of the franchise (who've no doubt already viewed the film).
Movie Guru Rating
A train wreck.  So bad some may find it unintentionally entertaining.
  1 out of 5 stars

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