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K-Pop group BTS' label Big Hit Entertainment files review for IPO: bourse
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Apple secures deal for Scorsese's next film starring DiCaprio, De Niro: media
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Japan reality show 'Terrace House' halts production after star's death
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Disney plans to reopen Walt Disney World starting on July 11
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Don't you step on my rhinestone studded jockstrap - Elvis memorabilia for sale
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Gru and Minions urge handwashing, fun at home in new coronavirus public service announcement
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Task force approves plan to reopen virus-shuttered Disney World parks starting July 11
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Disney proposes partial reopening of Walt Disney World on July 11
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Tracee Ellis Ross debuts her singing voice in new film 'The High Note'
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Wanted in Hollywood: COVID-19 consultants to help keep sets safe
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The Legend of 1900

Reviewed by
Marc Eastman
Curiously, not long ago a friend of mine remarked that there are no new fables. If you happen to own a book, says he, purporting to compile the best fables and fairy tales, and that volume is 100 years old, you aren’t missing out on anything. This, just to be clear, is not so. But, it is almost so. You may have your movies that pop into your head ('Once Upon a Time in America' is not fooling you with its title, and is certainly a fable), or you may have read a recent story you think qualifies, generally, as a fable, but nothing has delivered itself up in recent times and demanded e...

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