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2004 - R - 92 Mins.
Director: Jeff Schaffer
Producer: Alec Berg, Daniel Goldberg, David Mandel, Jackie Marcus
Written By: Jeff Schaffer, Alec Berg, David Mandel
Starring: Scott Mechlowicz, Jacob Pitts, Michelle Trachtenberg, Travis Wester, Jessica Boehrs, Matt Damon, Lucy Lawless, Vinnie Jones, Jeffrey Tambor
Review by: Carl Langley

Where's the ticket booth?
'Eurotrip' is exactly what everyone makes it out to be; the unrefined characters and their unfledged acts win over many fans because they want to laugh. Many people want to see gratuitous nudity and indecent behavior, maybe because it is so absurd it is less than likely to be witnessed in person. These raunchy films continue to feed off the success of 'American Pie,' a film the redefined the gross-out comedy, something 'Animal House' laid the foundation for almost thirty years ago.

This genre is hard to pull off, but not hard to be financially successful. The budget is never outrageously high; just throw in a bunch of no-names who can look gawky in the headline situations. The storyline will never be inventive and will always have to rely on the run-of-the-mill adventures. Basically, the plot is a set up for the laughs. All of this can draw huge crowds and this is exactly why these types of comedies with thin plots continue to hit theater screens. And they will continue to march.

I will be the first one to admit that 'Eurotrip' has a dumb plot and does not really offer anything worth remembering a decade down the road. What makes this film worth anyone’s time is because the characters are likeable. Their light-hearted demeanor and happy-go-lucky vibe help swerve the film through its standard material. This is what differs from film like 'Old School,' a highly overrated comedy that had its moments, but quickly became tiresome.

Boy graduates high school. Boy chases dream girl around (in this instance, it takes place in Europe – as if you had not guessed). There is your plot, nothing to brag about, but let’s be honest; none of the other tasteless predecessors offered anything spectacular. The plot is easily redeemed by the hard laughs that come with it. Nonetheless, this boy is named Scott, (Scott Mechlowicz), who discovers that his European pen pal, Mieke (Jessica Bohrs), is a girl instead of a guy. When the initial request for a meeting comes up, he freaks out because of the warning from his best friend, Cooper (Jacob Pitts), that his online buddy might be gay. Instead he sends a threatening email causing Mieke to block him. When he realizes his error, he packs his bags and heads with Cooper and two twin buddies from high school (Michelle Trachtenberg and Travis Webster), to Europe in search for his “true love.”

If there was ever a sequel that took place five to ten years into the future, they could sign on Hayden Christensen and David Spade to play Scott and Cooper. Mechlowicz sounds so much like Mr. Skywalker, you have to double check to make sure it is not Hayden on screen. Mechlowicz also has mannerisms that resemble Keanu Reeves, but they are not as blatant as his pseudo-Hayden voice. Most eerie is the David Spade’s mini-me, Jacob Pitts. Pitts offers the same sarcastic nature that can be found in any Spade feature. He even looks like him; same haircut and all. Credit goes to the cast, save Michelle Trachtenberg, who must take acting lessons because her fame from 'Harriet the Spy' will not take her far. At least she is hot…

The trip around Europe gives the characters an opportunity to meet several humorous cameos representing humorous caricatures. There is Vinnie Jones as a drunken soccer hooligan, Lucy Lawless as a dominatrix, David Hasselhoff parodying his own singing career, and in the uncanniest performance, Matt Damon as a punk rock star lip-synching the film’s theme song.

From the producers of 'Road Trip' and 'Old School,' comes what may be one of the funniest comedies of the year. The film offers the most laughs out of any film released this year and besides, who would not want to see Matt Damon with a plethora of tattoos and piercings and a shaved head?
Movie Guru Rating
Average but solid.  Fans of this genre will probably enjoy it.  Others may not. Average but solid.  Fans of this genre will probably enjoy it.  Others may not. Average but solid.  Fans of this genre will probably enjoy it.  Others may not.
  3 out of 5 stars

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