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The Butterfly Effect (2004)

Visitor Comments

Re: Butterfly Effect, The (2004)
Added by Jimbo   on 2004-01-11 13:20:53

You're crazy. I know reviews are speculative but did we see the same flick? I went to a preview with my girlfriend expecting the worst and thought it kicked ass. Usually in time travel movies it's all pretty, sunshine b.s., but this one actually made you think it might be possible to screw stuff up if you mess with the normal order of things. It had us talking afterward. The biggest thing I was surprised about was the acting. I thought he did a good job. Especially when we're so used to seeing him as Kelso and other dopey characters. Hey, it's just my opinion, but anytime I come out of a movie and it sparks a discussion of "What would you do if that were you?", that usually means I got my money's worth. I'm not sure I'll be lining up to see any future Kutcher films (especially not dopey comedies) but this one worked for me.

Re: Butterfly Effect, The (2004)
Added by Emmett   on 2004-01-12 12:36:34

I love it when someone disagrees and starts off by saying "you're crazy" - and you are how old? I'll never see a movie with Ashton Kutcher in it.

Re: Butterfly Effect, The (2004)
Added by kevin   on 2004-01-16 21:12:50

emmett, you're crazy. just because you dont like ashton kutcher doesnt mean the movie has to suck.. i mean, how old are you to worry about stuff like that?

Re: Butterfly Effect, The (2004)
Added by eric (email, web) on 2004-01-18 14:56:39

What was crazy was not putting real acting and directing talent towards an interesting plot. It's unfortunate that the path of mass appeal was chosen over that which could quite possibly generate critical acclaim. Come on folks...gratuitous extremism (child-porn, violence and language) and redundancy (not to mention amateur diologue and character development) cannot replace sincerity and a more developed approach to real and poignant topics which could otherwise have supported a provacotive and mysterious theme.

Re: Butterfly Effect, The (2004)
Added by Doughboy (email) on 2004-01-18 17:46:43

So I'm watching this movie at Sundance and am actually kinda liking it -- it's dark, funny at times, intriguing -- until it just becomes LAME. People, I saw this with media, were laughing freaking out loud in parts where it was apparently supposed to be tear-jerking or provocative or something other than funny. Or maybe it was just supposed to be funny, in which case -- 4 STARS!!!! To sum it up: Good first half, crappy second half.

Re: Butterfly Effect, The (2004)
Added by Greg   on 2004-01-19 13:18:27

I really enjoyed the premise of the flick i.e. that messing with the past could have dire consequences for the future. It was the execution that bothered me.

First, the special effects were notoriously variable. I also felt that the roommate was a ridiculous caricature (I've spent almost 20 years on a university campus between study and working and have never met someone like that). Also, even taking the subject matter into account there were some glaring continuity errors.

My biggest complaint however was the mechanism that allows Evan to time travel - it is a ridiculous plot thatmakes no sense and is never fully explained. I like to at least have a clue as to why something is happening.

Homer's exploits were alot funnier, and frankly better acted.

Re: Butterfly Effect, The (2004)
Added by ricky d   on 2004-01-19 19:53:43

I predict this film becoming a CULT CLASSIC like Showgirls. It's so bad it's good. The violence and subject matter is so over the top that after a couple viewings people will start to see it as a comedy, learning the lines by heart and acting out the scenes in a theater at midnight with other costumed fans high on beer and low grade marijuana.

Re: Butterfly Effect, The (2004)
Added by AshtonIsKewl!   on 2004-01-20 13:14:07

A must see for any member of the Ashton Kutcher fan club!!!! He rocks!

Re: Butterfly Effect, The (2004)
Added by who cares (email, web) on 2004-01-25 02:17:55

you guys must be kidding if you didnt like this movie, it was one of my favorite movies ever because it was well made... the connections with the time travel were awesome as well as the whole idea. ashton kutcher did a badass acting job too i dont care what u say... badass movie, and its VERY MUCH WORTH seeing... im gonna see it twice and im going to buy it because the movie rocked and was very wierd yes... but badass none the less

Re: Butterfly Effect, The (2004)
Added by Emmett   on 2004-01-28 02:25:39

Hmmmm - the movie scores a lowly 28 on Metacritic and a C on Yahoo. I think Moviegurus called it first! This is a stinker!

Re: Butterfly Effect, The (2004)
Added by JC (email) on 2004-01-28 15:09:35

Anyone who critiques this movie better be prepared for utter dissapointment in the American Teen population. I went and seen this movie Sunday with an open mind. I hadn't seen a trailor, wasn't told the plot, nothing. Just walked in with a soda and some popcorn, sat my happy ass down and enjoyed a very good movie. From the beginning until the end it was pure entertainment. I could see how critics, the majority of which still jack-off to Jane Fonda, could critique this. This movie is not for you. It's for those of us in between the age of 16(17 w/out your parents)-29 year olds. This weekend this movie is going to pull a Titanic. Just watch. I guarentee it pulls in at least 40 million if not much more.

Re: Butterfly Effect, The (2004)
Added by Emmett   on 2004-01-28 16:14:15

Hey JC - cool! Someone who equates a movie's quality with its box office take! Wow! What a concept! So using your logic McDonald's is like the best restaurant in the world? Circle-jerk to Britney (or is it Ashton)?

Re: Butterfly Effect, The (2004)
Added by John Ulmer (email, web) on 2004-01-29 11:18:28

The Simpsons did a better job with the Halloween special where Homer gets his hand stuck in a toaster and changes the world a bunch of times.

Re: Butterfly Effect, The (2004)
Added by Harrison   on 2004-01-29 16:45:33

I can't believe all these comments for such a mediocre movie.:) Here's a new topic: The Butterfly Effect has neither butterflies nor is effective - discuss!

Re: Butterfly Effect, The (2004)
Added by Emmett   on 2004-02-02 14:21:40

$32 million - far short of your Titanic guess- hoo-hah!

Re: Butterfly Effect, The (2004)
Added by Miiike   on 2004-02-13 12:43:44

Stop letting the media tell you what to like and what not to like. Everyone keeps dissing this movie because it stars Ashton! So what? I'm not a big fan of his either but he actually does a good job in this movie and damn am I ever glad I went to see it! It's got to be one of the best I've seen in a long time. I also can't believe people are criticizing the darker sides of the movie (pedophilia and child abuse). What's wrong with you? These are real issues so why should we keep them hidden? And if you take them away then you ruin the whole plot of the movie, why else would Evan have to go back in time to save his childhood? I also thought the directing was very well done and I apreciated the fact that they didn't go overboard with special effects and kept it to simple camera tricks, it keeps your attention focused on the plot instead of the cool computer graphics. This is a dark, serious film with some funny parts that adds an original twist to the classic time travel movie and it's very well done, so stop listening to the Ashton-bashers and go out and see it!

Re: Butterfly Effect, The (2004)
Added by Joe Rickey   on 2004-02-17 08:19:43

I guess people must have ignored the voices of critics because this 9 (or 13 million) budgeted film has made over fifty million at the box office. Know what that means? More Ashton Kutcher dramatic roles, most likely.

Re: Butterfly Effect, The (2004)
Added by Blake (email, web) on 2004-08-03 15:02:33

The film held my interest. Wasn't the best in the world, but worthy of watching, no doubt. Sure, you can nitpick a few of the plot particulars. But if you sit back to enjoy it, then it's pretty good.

I'm not a big AK fan, but he did a pretty good job with it. Better than I expected, to be honest. And I don't think they cast him just to have some eye candy up there. I've heard of at least 3 other actors who were offered the role before him. But it wasn't until AK came on to be the Executive Producer that the film finally got moving.

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