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Paycheck (2003)

Visitor Comments

Re: Paycheck (2003)
Added by Judex.1 (email) on 2004-02-26 13:50:45

"Paycheck" is much like every other cinematic Dick adaptation made to date, in that it downplays ideas in favor of action setpieces. This has been the pattern through "Bladerunner", "Screamers", "Total Recall", "Minority Report", and so on. Really isn't all that much action in most of Dick's work, which usually achieves its aims through more literary means. Haven't really figured out why they insist on taking this approach, since only "Bladerunner" has achieved any real status, and its story has been rendered so loosely, that many haven't gotten the punchline yet! (the debate rages on, on lots of usenet groups, as to whether Deckard was a replicant. I think the book makes it fairly clear,
even if Ridley Scott didn't)
I truly appreciate the attempts to adapt oine of my favorite writers to the cinema. I just wish the films were a little better. Eagarly waiting to see what kind of atrocity they could turn "Valis" into! B}


Re: Paycheck (2003)
Added by audrey reytel (email) on 2004-07-05 22:35:37

from heavy heavy dose of E N V Y--Affleck brings depth layers unknown to most action "heros".

Re: Paycheck (2003)
Added by carl langley   on 2004-08-15 03:42:21

Judex - I did not appreciate Blade Runner on the same level as others. I thought it was a little overrated. However, Minority Report was one of the best sci-fi movies to hit theaters in the past decade. I hope Dick's books are presented with better adaptations.

Audrey - Say what? You are envious of Affleck? I'm sorry.

Re: Paycheck (2003)
Added by Jake   on 2005-07-28 23:14:26

I actually sort of enjoyed this, mostly because I was actively making myself forget that it was based on a Philip K. Dick story. (At least it didn't frustrate me by being really great for an hour and *then* reverting to mindless action, like most Dick adaptations.) It had a sort of goofy matinee-serial sort of appeal for a while, what with that bag of objects that were all assuredly going to be used in some strange way or another ("Don't Miss Next Week's Exciting Installment, When Our Hero Figures Out How That Paper Clip Comes In Handy!"). Nothing in it was very interesting, or anything other than passable, but there are lots of movies that can't even get "passable" right.

One thing: I've never seen Uma Thurman more unflatteringly photographed in anything. What's that about?

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