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Home Room (2003)

Visitor Comments

Re: Home Room (2003)
Added by kris (email) on 2004-03-23 16:44:52

this is a great re-view of the movie. i really like this movie. i cried in it.

Re: Home Room (2003)
Added by Celin (email) on 2004-07-19 01:34:10

I really love this movie
and me and my friends watched it and there was a boy in our class kind of like alicia browning (he doent have a kid but he takes drugs) and we got to understand him more but he really acts lik alicia browning but him name is carl and he was blonde but he died his hair black in 6ht grade and now in 7th grade we really got to talk to him and see what a great guy he is

this movie should get 5 gold stars ( i love alicia browning)

Re: Home Room (2003)
Added by jess   on 2004-10-17 08:08:06

I loved this movie oh my god busy phillips is so talented she plays this role so well i bawled my eyes out at the end we recently had a stabbing at the place I work and I totally agree with the message that alicia gives that you just gotta deal with it. ten stars for the movie ps busy phillips is a god.

Re: Home Room (2003)
Added by Janna (email) on 2004-10-23 15:58:55

i thought this movie was the best thing id ever seen...busy phillips was amazing. i connect with her alot bcuz im kind of the same way as she is...with out the kid, ive gone thru alot of shit in the past few yrs...being only 14 right now but then i was 10. i think its good to have movies like this bcuz they teach u sumthing. i got from this movie alot to think about. but most of all i learned not to judge people bcuz u dont know their story...i cried...

Added by charlene   on 2004-12-29 04:32:23

this is the best movie ever.. when the en came and it all came together i was gasping for air i was crying sooo hard.. it is sooo good and has such a good point to it.. if u watch it u have to watch it twice.. u don't think u can cry harder in it.. but u do.....

Re: Home Room (2003)
Added by nicole   on 2005-01-01 02:03:28

homeroom is a great movie.. i cry everytime i watch it.

Added by Laurel (email, web) on 2005-01-08 14:55:56

I fell simply in love with this movie's cover. I had been dying for ages to see the film, and finally my mom let me rent it. It was AMAZING. The begining had me reeled in immediately by terror, not quite understanding what was going on. The sound was great, and it had such a heavy message I was practically shaking. The ending had me crying so hard, simply by the song, 'Sweet Surrender' as it is such like all us teenagers are going through. It shows emotion as a feel rather than a thing, slamming you so hard in the face you won't understand what happened. Hugely loving, yet compeltely raw, I think your review did very nicely at pictureing it. Busy Philips WAS the best, I was amazed by such an actor, and such a good movie that has taken an affect on my life and towards my friend who've I've talked into watching it.

Added by dharti (email) on 2005-01-09 00:31:26

this is the best movie. it great Busy Philipps is great in it. it one of the movie you wish they show at school. it think kids could learn a lot from it.

Homeroom and Busy Philips
Added by Amy Lee Obsession x (email) on 2005-01-25 18:37:50

This movie is amazing, I just got done watching it like 2 minutes ago. Busy Philips rocks in this movie, and she is a wonderful actress. It gives out a great message to teenagers who feel so alone. I almost cried in the end, I had tears in my eyes. This movie is my favorite so far. And, if they showed this in school I agree also, that kids were learn alot from this movie, I loved it.

Rating bogus!
Added by Brittany (email) on 2005-05-22 10:25:14

This movie deserves a full five stars!

Re: Home Room (2003)
Added by Corey (email) on 2005-09-21 18:49:45

Great Flick. Excellent message. theres a lot to be learned from this movie, everybody should have a look.

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