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A Man Apart (2003)

Visitor Comments

Re: Man Apart, A (2003)
Added by Diana Cabrera (email) on 2004-05-01 16:07:57

I loved this movie. I've seen it like a hundred times. It was Vin Diesel's best movie. He wasn't this typical tough guy hero that most people would think. He did a great job portraying the very human side of a man. In the small number of scenes we see with his wfe, you could feel the connection, the love they had for one another. It was pure and giving, they would do anything for each other. Nothing needs to be said about Sean and Stacy Vetter it shows so powerfully in there scenes together, which is what makes this so trajic. The chemistry between all the characters, even the ones with minor roles was so powerful, it was like this big happy family. I loved the relationship between Sean, his partner Demetrius, and big sexy. That is what true friendship is all about. The movie really drew me in. It was so real and intense I felt like I was there.

Re: Man Apart, A (2003)
Added by Diana Cabrera (email) on 2004-05-01 16:35:36

I wish they woul make sequels to this movie. Like a little history to their life in gangs, their wives saved them, the seven years they tracked Lucero. Another sequel after A Man Apart where Sean comes back to work 6 months to a year later. Without making it to soap operaish, Stacy could be alive. Sean probably passed out after she died, he doesn't know what happened after that. He could come back having these dreams of her. They could rescue her and spend the rest of the time taking down the drug lords. It's never really over until Lucera is dead. He probably kept Stacy as an insurance policy, or to make Sean suffer more playing mind games with him. That is what the mafia was all about, it's never enough to kill someone, it's better to torture. Maybe at the end they could show them happy and a year later with a baby since they were at that point already. Alot can be done with this story, and still be kept real and intense. It would have to be the same cast though, it would just ruin it if it wasn't. They have a special connection, chemistry. I loved this movie. It's number one on my list. Everyone did a great job, no matter how small or big the role. I was just so depressed at the end, because after Sean goes to the grave, it's like he goes home alone and what is there to live for. You just can't help wondering what happens. The end makes me cry just as much. Then there is Lucero who is in custody, but still alive. When your a big fish you can do alot of things no matter where you are, which is why it wouldn't be over until Lucero dies. Lucero could easily buy the Mexican police or the Columbian and make them do what he wants. It's a piece of cake to buy or bribe officials in Mexico, where money really talks. I know my parents are from there. It wouldn't be that far fetched for Stacy to still be alive. When there is money and alot of power you can make alot happen, or make things appear to be what they are not. Please if the writers see this make a couple sequels. PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!!

you go boy with yo fine ass!!!
Added by kimberly (email, web) on 2004-11-14 00:08:27

i loved vin disel in all his movies and for the negative comments yall some hattas!

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