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Reckless Indifference (2000)

Visitor Comments

Re: Reckless Indifference (2000)
Added by Sarah (email) on 2004-12-03 19:48:05

After watching this movie, my perspective on how I look at our court system, prisons, and government is now forever changed. I found myself inspired to discover more about this injustices against humanity. The fact that these young men have been forced to endure so much punishment for a crime they did not even commit, frankly, infuriates me. ALtough I'm only sixteen, I would like to take action against mishappenings such as this and do whatever I can do help make sure that it never occurs again.

Guilt by association
Added by Jessica Gleason (email) on 2004-12-30 14:01:45

I watched this film with an open mind and I was thinking these boys are just
little bored teens looking for a place to get high. I believe after much thought over this matter, that Mr Farris wanted those boys railroaded into life without parole.
What has been done here behind the honor of a badge gives other policemen a bad wrap.
I believe they all should have payed a debt to society for the misconduct. So others can see when you choose poor characters for friends you end up in trouble. But life without parole is cruel and unusual punishment. I do believe McLoren should have been jailed as well afterall 'he's the one who required a body guard for his drug dealing.

Reckless JUSTICE
Added by Nicole (email) on 2005-04-29 09:47:12

I watched this film last night and can't stop thinking about it. There are four boys whose lives are ruined by a system of justice that is more concerned with protecting its own skin than looking at the facts and using common sense. Only one boy deserves to be doing any "real" time, the rest should have only done a few months or less in a juvenile facility. I am telling everyone I know to see this film. I only hope that there is something that can be done to help.

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