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Pulp Fiction (1994)

Visitor Comments

Re: Pulp Fiction (1994)
Added by John Ulmer   on 2004-07-04 06:22:53

This is one of my all-time favorites; "Reservoir Dogs" is just a bit better in my opinion but both are superb. I think it's interesting to note how each of the three stories in "Fiction" end with redemption.


Many people said Tarantino was using a non-linear plot because he thinks linear storylines are overused, which is half true, but it also enables each story to end with a character being redeemed. On the DVD Tarantino mentions that Vincent is the main character of the first story, Butch of the second, and Jules of the third, supported by Vincent, and in each story their characters end up going through some sort of redemption.

That's why I think the claims of "Pulp Fiction" being immoral, ultra-violent, etc., are false. Vincent shrugs off Jules' evaluation of the "divine intervention" and ends up dead, so it's a very moralistic story.

One of the greatest! And the DVD has one of the best-looking transfers I've ever seen.

Great review, Carl.

Re: Pulp Fiction (1994)
Added by Mark   on 2004-07-05 13:26:38

This movie was absolutely vulgar. Too vulgar for me to watch. And in my book if I can't watch it then zero stars!! What was the whole point of this movie anyway?

Re: Pulp Fiction (1994)
Added by John Ulmer   on 2004-07-05 15:48:31


I doubt you're serious but just in case you are...

Judging a film based on its vulgarity just doesn't work anymore - there's always a limit and many people DID hate Pulp Fiction because of its so-called violence (ironically most of which is never actually shown) and foul language (over 250 F-words I believe) but...some of the greatest films of all time have vulgar content and I think it's something you sometimes have to put up with. It fits the film. It's not always necessary and is sometimes shameful in family films but Pulp Fiction is hardly a family film. :)

And giving a film zero stars because you couldn't finish it? What's that about?

Re: Pulp Fiction (1994)
Added by carl langley   on 2004-07-06 08:05:34

Yes, I agree. Mark, I seriously think you should consider finishing this film before you give it such a negative comment/review/whatever.

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