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The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)

Visitor Comments

Re: Chronicles of Riddick, The (2004)
Added by Joe Rickey   on 2004-06-15 19:39:50

Well, this made a little more than 24 million opening weekend, not really that good when you consider that it cost 120 or so million. I wonder if the opening weekend performance puts a stop to the planned sequel?

Re: Chronicles of Riddick, The (2004)
Added by Josh (email) on 2004-06-17 01:48:24

I think it's funny how so many people don't understand sci-fi as a genre. Sure a lot of the stuff in the film has been somewhat done before but it is a very interesting universe with unique settings and characters it's too bad this isn't going to make enough money I was hoping to see where they went next.

Re: Chronicles of Riddick, The (2004)
Added by Harrison   on 2004-06-23 02:52:26

I thought this movie was better than I expected it would be. The first film, PITCH BLACK, was a B-movie cross of a horror flick and a sci-fi flick. RIDDICK definitely spent the bucks to build a universe and a mythology around the character. Reminded me a bit of CONAN THE BARBARIAN meets DUNE.:)

Re: Chronicles of Riddick, The (2004)
Added by jaz (email) on 2004-06-24 15:24:14

I saw this movie recently.not really expecting too much as i enjoyed pitch black and know that follow up films suck(usually).I was blown away by it ,diesel rocks ,the effects patchy in places still do a great job....joe it seems fella you couldent even follow this simple movie..then perhaps you should just review 20 minute cartoons not to get to lost .

Re: Chronicles of Riddick, The (2004)
Added by Joe Rickey   on 2004-06-25 14:31:56

I could follow it, but I just wasn't entertained by it all that much.

Re: Chronicles of Riddick, The (2004)
Added by Becca (email, web) on 2004-07-11 19:12:28

I enjoyed Riddick enough to spend $$$ to see it twice in the movie theatre and both friends who went with me enjoyed it (one is raving about it). I guess Dame Judi Dench just doesn't know how to pick parts anymore??? Did anyone see an Arthurian angle in this?? I thought the ending was superb and of course I'm buying the DVD and hope they make the sequel. The last time I listened to someone else I missed out on "A Beautiful Mind" cuz everyone said it was depressing, it sucked, blah blah and when I finally saw it, I perceived it as a superb love story!!

Re: Chronicles of Riddick, The (2004)
Added by Joe Rickey   on 2004-07-22 15:06:33

To each their own. If you are especially looking forward to a certain film, I'd say that you might as well just see it; no matter what other people think.

Re: Chronicles of Riddick, The (2004)
Added by Gizmola   on 2004-12-31 06:51:38

This is one of the few films I saw in the theater this year, and I was really impressed with it. When I see it appearing on people's worst of the year lists, I'm reminded of how genre films in general get no respect from critics.

This isn't a great film by any means, I could probably discuss its weaknesses at length, but what hasn't been said is that visually, and in any number of the sequences, it presents a vision of the future that produces real dread. Despite the somewhat silly and pulpy name, the Necromongers and their invasion sequences are nothing short of breath taking, and as fully realized an alternative universe as anything found in the Star Wars series.

I also enjoyed Twohy's attempts to weave in what I believe are thematic elements that comment on current events, and the film is not the brainless clap trap that some critics would lead you to believe.

When he borrows, he has the good taste to borrow from some of the classics, Thandie Newton's villainess for example, is clearly a descendent of Lady Macbeth by way of Kurosawa's Ran. I have not been a fan of Newton previously, but I have a new appreciation of her since seeing Chronicles.

For me, movies like Chronicles are the reason that movie theaters exist: the bombast, the sound and fury, and a fully realized alternative vision of reality, that is so rarely accomplished, is all there up on the screen. This film deserves better than it has received.

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