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The Way of the Gun (2000)

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Re: Way of the Gun, The (2000)
Added by Huh?   on 2004-04-20 00:32:10

So you don't like this film, you're entitled to your opinion, but when you start drawing plot line parallels to movies (The Searchers, Taxi Driver) that have absolutely nothing in common with it, it's hard to take your review too seriously.

This was a pretty good film, with some great sequences in it. I also though Ryan Phillippe was very good in this, and he did a good job in The recent Altman film as well. As for Del Toro.. well he just won an oscar a couple years back didn't he?

And in regards to your analysis, Julia Lewis's character is an active participant in her abduction... nothing like the characters in the other films you mention at all. She is well aware of the decisions she's making, and her reasons are pretty easy to understand as well.

Re: Way of the Gun, The (2000)
Added by John Ulmer   on 2004-04-20 15:15:54

It bears resemblance to those two films in only one way: the woman does not wish to be rescued from her captors. Iris had been held by Sport through Travis Bickle's eyes, yet in all reality, we never see Iris after the final brothel shoot-out -- we see a letter from her parents (perhaps a post-mortem dream of Travis's) but never Iris herself. Is she happy? I doubt it. For all we know, her parents abused her. The genius is how it's never really explained from all angles.

If you recall in The Searchers, the heroine didn't really want to be saved - she wanted to stay with the Indians, but through the eyes of our hero it seemed otherwise.

Sorta the same here, only it's not as subtle.

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